PagTesouro: Digital platform for payments to the Treasury to be launched in November

Integrated to Pix, technology dispenses with collection guide

Digital platform for payment and collection of values to the Single Account of the National Treasury, the PagTesouro will be launched in November, announced today (29) the secretary of the body, Bruno Funchal. The technology exempts the Union Collection Guide (GRU) and allows online debit payments.

The platform will work in an integrated way with Pix – the future instant payment system that will be launched by the Central Bank (BC) also in November. Pix will be offered within PagTesouro as one of the forms of collection in addition to payment by credit card.

The amounts paid through the new system must be transferred to the Single Treasury Account within one business day. Although the technology allows payments without the Bitcoin Secret, the issuing of the guide will still be available without any charge in PagTesouro.


The decree establishing the digital platform for payments to the Treasury was published last week in the Official Journal of the Union. With the decree, it will be possible to reopen the registration notice for payment service providers. Opened in June, the first version of the edict was suspended because the technology had to undergo some adjustments.

The payment service provider must have authorization from the Central Bank to operate. The requirements for integration will be established in an accreditation notice.

According to the decree, the act of the Minister of Economy will regulate the operation of PagTesouro. After the publication of this act, the PagTesouro can be used for payment and collection of values.

The PagTesouro is being tested since September last year. At the time, the payment of fees to the National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) is now done through online debit.

The innovation was developed by the Digital Government Secretariat of the Ministry of Economy, by the Federal Service of Data Processing (Serpro), in partnership with Banco do Brasil (BB) and Anvisa itself.