Gaming Dominates Web3 Industry Despite Activity Decline

• Gaming accounts for 45% of web3 industry active wallets despite a decrease in activity.
• Daily Unique Active Wallets (dUAW) recorded a 12.33% decrease in February, while Oath of Peak, Trickshot Blitz, and Unity remained bullish.
• DeFi recorded an increase in dominance rates reaching 24%, compared to gaming’s 45%.

Gaming Accounts for 45% of Web3 Industry

On-chain gaming accounts for 45.43% of the decentralized application (dApp) industry, even though gaming-related Daily Unique Active Wallets (dUAW) recorded a 12.33% decrease in February, according to a recent DappRadar report. This marks a decrease from January’s 48%, however it is still nearly twice that of DeFi’s 24%.

Decrease in dUAWs

At the end of February, there were 752,735 dUAWs recorded on-chain across all major gaming blockchains with WAX being the only chain to increase its count by 3.26%. The other chains saw decreases; HIVE recording the most significant at 36%, followed by Polygon at 35%, BNB Chain at 12%, and EOS at 3.44%.

February Tends to be Slow Month

The overall decrease in the number of dUAWs reflects historical trends as February tends to be slower than the rest of the year for the industry. Despite this downturn however, two games – Oak of Peak and Trickshot Blitz- increased their on-chain user counts whilst game developer Unity also entered the field by offering 13 blockchain-based software development kits (SDK).

Oak Of Peak & Trickshot Blitz Remain Bullish

Oak Of Peak and Trickshot Blitz remained bullish amongst decreases seen across other games as more players joined these platforms even during difficult times for the industry as a whole. These two games account for 10% and 5 % respectively out of all daily unique active wallets within blockchain gaming platforms which shows strong performances despite challenging conditions.

Unity Enters Blockchain Gaming Field

Game developer Unity also demonstrated its bullish sentiment towards blockchain gaming by offering 13 blockchain based software development kits (SDK). This move could potentially mark another rise in activity throughout 2021 as more developers are likely to join this rapidly growing sector given Unity’s large presence within the game development community already