Crypto & AI: Finance Customers Comfortable with the Former, Less So the Latter

• CZ denies rumors that senior Binance executives are resigning due to ongoing regulatory challenges.
• BlackRock CEO Larry Fink compares crypto to ‘digitizing gold’ and praises Bitcoin as an ‘international asset’.
• According to a survey from Salesforce, 60% of financial service customers are comfortable with cryptocurrency while only 21% fully trust AI chatbots.

CZ Denies Rumors of Senior Executives Resigning

CZ, the founder of Binance, has denied rumors that senior executives at the company are leaving due to ongoing regulatory challenges. He stated that the company is continuing to comply with all applicable regulations in every jurisdiction it operates in.

BlackRock CEO Praises Crypto

Meanwhile, BlackRock CEO Larry Fink has compared crypto assets like Bitcoin to “digitizing gold” and praised them as international assets. He believes that cryptocurrencies will increasingly be used for transactions across borders and have important implications for global commerce.

Survey Finds Majority Comfortable With Crypto

A recent survey conducted by Salesforce surveyed 6,058 customers from financial services institutions worldwide on their attitude towards cryptocurrency and artificial intelligence (AI). The results showed that 61% have either researched or plan on investing in crypto, while just 21% fully trusted AI chatbots. This indicates a greater comfort level when it comes to digital currencies than with advanced technologies such as AI for use in financial services operations.

Bitwage Halts USDC Payments

In other news, Bitwage has halted USDC payments for US residents citing strict regulations associated with digital currency transfers within the country’s borders. This follows Valkyrie’s spot-Bitcoin exchange-traded fund application which was refiled earlier this week with Coinbase named as its surveillance partner.

NEAR and Ethereum Contrasting Approaches To Scalability

Finally, NEAR Protocol and Ethereum have both been looking into blockchain scalability solutions but have taken different approaches towards achieving their goals – NEAR uses shards while Ethereum employs Layer 2s technology such as Plasma chains and state channels. Ultimately both projects are aiming to reduce transaction fees whilst also increasing transaction speeds on their respective blockchains in order to make them more attractive options for developers and users alike.